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Welcome to The Masters Institute, Inc.

We Aren’t another IMO. We Are a new-era Institute.

TMI is a Newly Formed Independent Institute, building upon the work and leadership of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys; The Esperti Peterson Institute for High Net Worth Planning; the Estate and Wealth Strategies; Institute at Michigan State University; the Institute for Stewardship and Philanthropy at MSU; the Academy of Multi-Disciplinary Practice, and the National Charitable Initiative to help America’s best Advisors .

The Institute Empowers the best-of-the-best annuity and life producers with proprietary marketing methods, systems, tools, mentoring, and products to:

• Further distinguish illustrious careers
• Enhance life quality and income
• Create added revenue sources
• Access “affluence” and its professional gatekeepers
• Maximizing results with less effort
• Engender “credibility” with community leaders
• Generate high-net worth client referrals
• Enjoy collegial relationships with the Nation’s best producers
• Network nationally with luminary interdisciplinary experts
• Capitalize income streams

Scholarships are Available Now: We are proud to sponsor an exclusive opportunity for qualified Advisors to become a recipient of our TMI III, Inc. endowment of a Masters Institute scholarship. Please direct inquiries to Patrick Jeffers via email .

Give us just 2 minutes to establish trust in EPC, our senior faculty! Watch the video now!